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Embark on a transformative journey to reclaim your authentic identity and answer the call for more


been there.
and an identity upgrade is the key to unlock next-level you.

Maybe you've been "doing the work" for years. Have you grown, yet feel held down by an invisible barrier?

If you said "yes" to the above, the barrier you're bumping into is your current identity.  Specifically, what you believe you're worthy of, how much abundance you can hold, and thus your tolerance for how good life can be.

When you upgrade your identity, you upgrade your beliefs by default. Done in alignment with intention and emotion, you can quantum leap into the version of you that you know and feel is ready to emerge in the world.

But you still don't feel completely fulfilled.

And you can't bear to remain the same anymore.

You're a high achiever in every sense, admired by others for your success in your career, family life, and personal achievements. Yet internally, you feel there's more to life than just ticking off accomplishments.

Perhaps you've crafted a life that looks perfect. . .

Despite outward success, you experience an internal struggle with maintaining balance across professional ambitions, family duties, and self-care – feeling like you’re constantly sacrificing one area for another.

Deep down, you know there’s an authentic version of yourself waiting to be unleashed - someone who lives not just through achievement but through genuine passion, purpose, and inner harmony.

The concept of "slowing down" feels foreign (and almost unattainable), yet you crave ease; a way to achieve without the constant hustle that leaves you drained at day's end.

Can you relate to any of these?

The Identity Incubator is precisely designed for someone passionate about transforming their reality from enduring everyday motions to living each moment vibrantly as their most authentic self.

You desire impact, not only by scaling professional heights but also by leaving a lasting legacy aligned with your true self – creating ripples in the world that matter deeply to you.

Moments of self-reflection awaken a realization that despite having a "good life" on paper, there’s an undercurrent of longing for something more —something more fulfilling on an intrinsic level.


introducing. . .



raise your thermostat

Our identity governs everything. Like a thermostat, our identity's "setting" will always bring us back to the level we're comfortable at. You'll learn how to rewire and upgrade your beliefs to embrace and become the aspirational version of you.




Learn simple behavior design techniques that will help you start and stop any behavior - and make it automatic.

By dialing in foundational behaviors and putting them on autopilot, you free up your mental and emotional energy. Focus on what actually matters to you and creates an impact.



Leveraging The Higher Self Habits Method, which blends cutting edge behavioral science, neuroscience, quantum principles, and timeless spiritual wisdom, you will have the tools and framework to build a harmonious life on a foundation of steel.


make valuable connections

A group coaching container, you will get to know the other women in this program intimately. And with two in-person retreats (the first in Scottsdale, the second in Sedona), you'll be able to cultivate lasting friendships IRL. Worth noting that curating incredible groups of women is one of my superpowers.



Before the program begins, you'll gain access to the community and will begin 1:1 coaching with Alessia, meeting once a month until the program begins.

If you too, live and die by your Google Calendar, you will appreciate receiving the call schedule upon enrollment.


oct. 17-20, 2024

Prior to the event, you'll have laid the foundation for a year of quantum leaping into the next-level version of you. At this event, we turn on the turbo boosters of transformation.

Connect and expand with like-minded women in a gorgeous setting with the red carpet rolled out.(More deets in FAQ below!)

retreat in scottsdale, arizona

Oct. 16-19, 2025 

Our container concludes with an in-person retreat in magical Sedona, AZ. This is a time to vision cast for what lies beyond and marvel at the progress you've made within the last year. (More deets in FAQ below!)

Retreat in Sedona, Arizona

program overvieW

September 2024 - october 2025

SEPT. 15, 2024

You'll gain access to the modules in Kajabi and can put what you've been exploring in coaching to work!

For the duration of the program, there will be a group coaching call every week.


a peek inside the methodology

stage 01


uncover the barriers holding you in place

This process must begin with building a foundation on steel. You'll uncover the root programs that are keeping you stuck in sameness and will begin rewiring them to create the future your soul is being called to.

stage 02


gain crystal clarity on who you're becoming - and why it's priority one

Energy flows where your attention goes. You will begin to think, feel, and act as the higher, aspirational version of you that is longing to be birthed. Like bringing a child into the world, our Higher Self also needs a gestational period. This is where that critical growth begins to take place.

stage 03


determine what stays and what goes

As Dr. Joe Dispenza says, "In order to step into a new future, we must first address the parts of us that aren't going there." You'll be given a framework through which to analyze what's working and what's not, and most importantly - where to start for lasting change and continued growth.

stage 04


taking flight as your higher self

In this stage, you'll put it all together. You'll learn how to design your way into and out of every behavior. This is where you'll begin to see decision fatigue fall away as you make more and more desired behaviors automatic. With the fundamentals of your life rock solid, you will have significant capacity freed up to be, do and have the reality that has long evaded you.

stage 05

ascend & amplify

get ready for the upward spiral

The method culminates with ascension, as you fully step into the next version of you. Your identity thermostat is turned up, your vision is bigger, and your confidence is soaring. And this is where we begin again - with new levels of awareness, higher alignment, and activation of additional capacity and possibilities. (And you'll probably go through this cycle two or more times while in the program!)


jenny burnham, founder of social squeeze

I have read all the habit books from male authors and done tons of personal development, but nothing has stuck until this! As a female entrepreneur with ADHD, much of the personal development/business world has left me feeling like a failure. Alessia’s approach is such a breath of fresh air- she gives tactical simple tweaks to truly change habits in a sustainable way that works for my unique self!

Since starting the [Higher Self Habits] program, I’ve made so many changes to my every day life that have been wildly impactful. 

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Tell me more about the Scottsdale retreat!

The event will be held at a luxury Airbnb. All meals and lodging are included. You're only responsible for getting yourself there (flights and ground transportation) and any shopping you want to do. Depending on the room situation, if there are single rooms and you want one, those will carry a nominal additional cost.

And, there are some big surprises for you that you'll be able to use for years to come... which is where the gift cards come in! Let's just say you'll be looking and feeling your best. More details to follow as they're confirmed!

Ok, now give me the deets on the Sedona retreat!

This too will be held at a luxury Airbnb. Same deal - just pay for your transportation to get there (flight and rental car), any shopping you do, and potentially a nominal fee for a single room.

Breathwork, soundbath, and hiking (nothing too crazy!) will be on the itinerary, but more details to come!

Btw, if you don't know about the energetic magic that abounds in Sedona... well, you're about to find out!

Is this more of a course, or a coaching experience?

While there is coursework to support your journey and growth, the focus and gold lies in the coaching and community connections.

We're all blind to our genius to an extent, but here are three areas I know I am damn good at: planning and executing incredible retreat experiences; drawing out the potential in others and shining a light on their blind spots; and curating kickass groups of women.

If any of those speak to you, we're vibing, and you know it's time for your next level, this is the container for you!

What if I can't make it to one or both retreats? Is the cost the same?

If you know you have a conflict for one of the retreat dates, I can work with you on adjusting the cost (since the program fee encompasses the overhead of the retreats, in large part). Just DM or email me before checkout.

If you can't make both, I'd hold off until I open the doors again.

What is the Higher Self Habits Method?

It's the method I used to transform myself (a process that never stops, btw!). I didn't have a name for it at the time, but what I teach in this program and in my book is what helped me quit drinking, become an early riser, create harmony in my home, become healthier than I've ever been, and maybe most importantly - it's what's put me on an even keel and helped me regulate my nervous system.

I want to be clear I'm not equipped or train to help anyone overcome a serious addiction. But if it's helping you upgrade your identity and change habits and behaviors from a place of grounding and alignment, I'm your girl.

Tell me more about the 1:1 coaching sessions.

Whenever you enroll, you'll begin 1:1 coaching with me. Until the program officially begins in September, we'll meet once a month for 60 minutes.

All program members have two 1:1 coaching sessions included: one upon enrollment to kick off the program; one at the end. The kickoff session is 90 minutes and the final session is 60 minutes.

For those paying in full, you get 12 additional 1:1 coaching sessions that are 60 minutes each, giving you one session per month to provide additional support throughout the container.

If you pay in two installments, you receive six additional 1:1 coaching sessions that are 60 minutes each, to use every other month.

If you need or want more, you can buy additional 1:1s a la carte.

Can you do custom payment plans?

Yes, so long as it makes sense. I'll incur a lot of upfront costs with the events, but so long as I can cover those, I'm happy to make it work!

DM or email me and we'll sort it out.

I have a question you didn't cover!

Ask away via the contact form, and I'll get back to you promptly!

Ready to ascend into your next level with clarity & ease?

LET'S Go, babe


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