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Let me guess... 
Your life is good overall - maybe even great - but you know you're not living full out. For years you haven't wanted to rock the boat and pursue greatness because good is, well... good.

Until it's not. Until you can no longer drown out and ignore the whispers begging you to answer the call to be, do and have more.

And that's where identity work, healthy habits, and coaching come in. They are capacity expanders- so you can grow into who you were created to be, in a way that is aligned, sustainable, and harmonious.

But where do you Start?

You're ready to elevate and embrace your full capacity

Does this sound familiar?

If you are:
  • a high-achieving woman who is tired of knocking on the door of more
  • wearing busy as a badge of honor
  • don't know where the days go and rarely feel like you were productive
  • living on a hamster wheel or in the movie Groundhog Day
  • full of reasons why you're unqualified to do the damn thing and go after your dreams
  • tired of being tired
  • sick of your own bullshit
  • ready to step into the abundance, capacity, and potential that you KNOW is meant for you...

I understand, intimately. And I wrote this book for you. Are you ready to ascend into your Higher Self?

EXCERPT FROM Higher self habits

That oak tree started from an acorn. Like an acorn, Within each of us lies the divine intelligence to grow into something magnificent, to reach heights we can scarcely imagine. our potential for greatness is innate, simply waiting for us to awaken.

Imagine a towering oak tree.

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where to LISTEN:

The podcast for women called to a higher level. A mix of solo episodes and conversations with noteworthy entrepreneurs and friends, nothing is off limits or TMI. Together we explore habits, healing, and living life full out as our favorite and Highest Selves.

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these are the courses and programs i wish i'd had. so i created them, for you, with love.

Higher Self Habits

Perfect for the woman tight on time or budget who just needs the goods with limited coaching support. Workshops are two hours long and cover the five stages of The Higher Self Habits Method, with an optional VIP hour upgrade with more hands-on help.

Ascension Accelerator
90-Day Program

The perfect launchpad program for you if you're seeking community, accountability, structure, live coaching. . . and know something needs to change, ASAP. This 90-day program expands on the workshop to help you create seismic shifts in 90 days, or less.

The Identity Incubator

A true signature program, The Identity Incubator is for the woman who has an overall good life, but she knows there is much more to uncover and unlock within her, and can no longer ignore the call. Perfect for "goal getters" who are seeking more ease vs. hustle, and who are ready to do the deep identity work that will create a lasting legacy and impact.

Higher self habits
Courses & group programs

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After becoming a "corporate dropout" in Summer 2021, I felt like I kept banging my head against the wall. My "go big or go home" M.O. was no longer working. I kept following the bread crumbs the universe sprinkled my way, and the answer to literally all of my problems became loud and clear: aligned HABITS and energetics!

If you're like I was and the word "habit" sounds boring or makes you feel constricted, I'm here to tell you it is the opposite: habits will expand your world and create freedom in ways you can't even imagine. I'd love to be your guide on the journey to liberating the badass soul inside you that's longing to be, do and have more.

I'm a WIFE, GIRL MOM, TECHIE, BOOKWORM, spirit junkie, 1/4 Generator and turbo sagittarius.

we were meant to meet-
I'm so glad you're here!

I'm Alessia,

xo, Alessia

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