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I help you become aware of your invisible barriers, align to the woman you want to become, and take action to 3d print your ideal life into reality.

In June 2021, in the wake of the pandemic, I stepped away from a coveted position at Google to venture into the world of entrepreneurship. This journey, embarked upon with a mix of overconfidence and ambition, led me through a series of humbling experiences. As a mother navigating this new path, I faced burnout, business challenges, and a series of personal struggles, ego deaths, and awakenings. These experiences culminated in a profound realization I had been unknowingly seeking: the transformative power of habits.

I'm alessia, a habits & High-performance coach in scottsdale, Arizona

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My journey since has been an immersive exploration into the world of habits. I've delved into behavioral science, the impact of neuroscience on our beliefs and habits, the transformative potential of quantum principles, and the importance of reconnecting with our soul's wisdom.

There are no shortcuts to meaningful change. However, combining proven frameworks with energetic alignment and soul-centeredness can lead to precise, purposeful, and fulfilling life transformations.


I've walked in your shoes.

For the longest time, i felt held down by an invisible barrier.

Have you ever had a light bulb moment when you suddenly become aware of something as it actually is - not as you've perceived it to be? That's what happened to me in June of 2022. A year into my entrepreneurial "corporate dropout" journey, I realized the only thing in my way was me - specifically, my identity and how much goodness I was capable of holding.

Since then, I've become an expert on habits and have gone deep into identity work, always extracting what I can teach and help others with as I go. You are so much closer to your favorite version of you than you realize. Together, I'd love to help you get there and cast an even bigger vision of what's possible.

And then, it finally clicked

xo, Alessia

Perhaps you're outwardly successful and have a near-perfect life... on paper. Or maybe you're awesome at what you do, but you've lost sight of who you are. Do you feel like there's never enough time to get it all done? Or that your relationships and personal needs are usually last on the list? If you feel like you're playing Whac-A-Mole, then you're likely ready to get off the hamster wheel and shed the layers of expectations and programming to come back home to yourself.

Are you ready to live a life of fulfillment, shining your light and creating a legacy? To channel that main character energy and turn your current reality into your prequel?

Seriously, it's possible.

I help high-achieving women step into a life of spaciousness and harmony.



I felt on top of the world. I worked harder than I ever had in my life, getting into the office by 6am, making over 100 calls a day and quickly becoming a top performer. Promotions into management soon followed.

My first job in tech sales,
at a startup


This will forever be the highlight of my tech sales career. I loved the company (still do!), loved my bosses and coworkers, and had incredible customers. Then, the day I came back from maternity leave, I found out my role might be eliminated. I started interviewing internally and externally and got an offer from Google I couldn't turn down.

I start at salesforce


On March 2, to be precise. Part of the last in-person onboarding class for over a year, I struggled to balance ramping up at in incredibly complex and technical role while working three hours a day due to having no childcare. By December, I sank into a deep depression as my identity of being a "top performer" vanished before my eyes.

I start at Google Cloud


I met Jodie on the flight home from Maui and she was my sign to quit. Having helped businesses grow and become more efficient in my sales roles, I was overly confident when I became an entrepreneur. My first business, Theia Collective, shuttered. My priorities were upside down. Large helpings of humble pie were served.

a serendipitous meeting on a plane propels me to become a "corporate dropout"


Our outputs and results get determined by the inputs. As the saying goes, "shit in, means shit out." I've transformed my life and have never been happier or healthier than I am right now. And I want that for you, too. Will you walk me with me on this journey to our Higher Selves?

the lightbulb turns on. habits are the missing link between my current and desired reality.

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if I can transform, so can you!

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