THROUGH PROGRAMS OR PRIVATE COACHING, I help you become aware of your invisible barriers, align to the woman you want to become, and ACTIVATE to ASCEND INTO AND 3D PRINT YOUR IDEAL reality.

My zone of genius is seeing yours.
Seriously- it's like x-ray vision.

I'm masterful at helping others uncover their superpowers. But I don't stop there. I'll guide you in expanding your identity to embrace your gifts, and together, we'll strategically map out how to put them into action with ease and aligned energetics.

Mentorship & coaching

We go deep: Our deeply held beliefs (and identity) determine our thoughts. Thoughts create feelings, which create actions, which create our results. I will help you become aware of and reprogram the root beliefs that are keeping you from your full expression.

Structure that creates flexibility: Every program I offer contains a framework that is easily individualized. What's more, you'll experience a great deal of freedom within this structure, enabling you to stick with your habits and growth for the long-haul.

Accountability and community: We learn a great deal by witnessing other's journeys, which is why there is a community element to everything I offer. Share your wins, get support, and meet friends who are striving for more, just like you!

how we bring forth your favorite version of you

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Courses & group programs

Whether you're just starting out on your journey to become your Higher Self, or you're well on your way, I can help you get there faster (and with more fun!).

Ascension Accelerator
90-Day Program

The Identity Incubator

Perfect for the woman tight on time or budget who just needs the goods with limited coaching support. Workshops are two hours long and cover the five stages of The Higher Self Habits Method, with an optional VIP hour upgrade with more hands-on help.

Higher Self Habits Masterclass

The perfect launchpad program for you if you're seeking community, accountability, structure, live coaching. . . and know something needs to change, ASAP. This 90-day program expands on the workshop to help you create seismic shifts in 90 days, or less.

A true signature program, The Identity Incubator is for the woman who has an overall good life, but she knows there is much more to uncover and unlock within her, and can no longer ignore the call. Perfect for "goal getters" who are seeking more ease vs. hustle, and who are ready to do deep identity work that will create a lasting legacy and impact.

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The higher self habits method

stage 01


uncover the barriers holding you in place

This process must begin with building a foundation on steel. You'll uncover the root programs that are keeping you stuck in sameness and will begin rewiring them to create the future your soul is being called to.

stage 02


gain crystal clarity on who you're becoming - and why it's priority one

Energy flows where your attention goes. You will begin to think, feel, and act as the higher, aspirational version of you that is longing to be birthed. Like bringing a child into the world, our Higher Self also needs a gestational period. This is where that critical growth begins to take place.

stage 03


determine what stays and what goes

As Dr. Joe Dispenza says, "In order to step into a new future, we must first address the parts of us that aren't going there." You'll be given a framework through which to analyze what's working and what's not, and most importantly - where to start for lasting change and continued growth.

stage 04


taking flight as your higher self

In this stage, you'll put it all together. You'll learn how to design your way into and out of every behavior. This is where you'll begin to see decision fatigue fall away as you make more and more desired behaviors automatic. With the fundamentals of your life rock solid, you will have significant capacity freed up to be, do and have the reality that has long evaded you.

stage 05

ascend & amplify

get ready for the upward spiral

The method culminates with ascension, as you fully step into the next version of you. Your identity thermostat is turned up, your vision is bigger, and your confidence is soaring. And this is where we begin again - with new levels of awareness, higher alignment, and activation of additional capacity and possibilities. (And you'll probably go through this cycle two or more times while in the program!)

The framework in every program


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