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Brand Spotlight: Mama Meals

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On episode 111 of the inhabit Podcast, I interviewed my dear friend and the co-founder of Mama Meals, Holly Stein.

photo of Holly Stein, Co-Founder of Mama Meals which provides postpartum meal delivery in Scottsdale, AZ and beyond
Holly Stein, Co-Founder of Mama Meals.

Holly founded the company with her husband, Eric, to solve the problem she experienced – fatigue, constipation, and depletion in postpartum. Now, she’s running a company with explosive growth, serving mothers across the United States.

While I was postpartum, I really struggled, and I wish Mama Meals had been around back then! Read on for why proper nutrition is so important – and how Mama Meals makes it easy! They provide postpartum meal delivery in Scottsdale and across the US.

Essential Tips for Recovery and Nutrition

The postpartum period is sometimes called the fourth trimester, and for good reason. Basically, I felt like I was in the trenches!

It is a critical time for new mothers, marked by the need for both physical and emotional healing. It’s a phase where rest, recuperation, and bonding with your newborn take center stage. You no doubt want to be present, focused on healing and the cuddles and affection shared during these early days. And you’ll be memories that will last a lifetime. The last thing you need to be worried about is what you’re going to eat.

To support the body’s recovery process, adopting a nutritious postpartum diet is essential. Traditional wisdom advocates for warm, soft, and easy-to-digest foods such as soups, stews, and broths. These types of meals are not only comforting but also play a crucial role in warming the body and stimulating the digestive system, which often slows down or becomes inactive during childbirth.

Preparation is Key

Having postpartum freezer meals ready, made from high-quality, whole-food ingredients, can be incredibly beneficial. These meals are a godsend in the first few days post-delivery when exhaustion and fatigue are at their peak, and cooking is likely the last thing on your mind (and rightfully so!). And no doubt, you don’t want to be eating DoorDash or processed foods while recovering.

For those who might not be culinary inclined or ponder, “Is there a postpartum meal delivery service near me?” there’s good news. Services like Mama Meals offer a convenient solution. Specializing in pre-made, nutritious meals that draw from the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, and the Weston A. Price philosophy, Mama Meals delivers right to your doorstep. All you need to do is heat and serve, making mealtime one less thing to worry about.

To make this even sweeter, use code ALESSIA to enjoy $20 off your first order of $200 or more!

Meal Planning Tips

When planning your postpartum meals, remember the best options are:

  • Warm, soft, and easy to digest
  • Clean, rich in protein, and made from whole foods
  • Soups, stews, porridge, broths, and congee

Conversely, it’s advisable to avoid:

  • Cold, hard, dry, and crunchy foods
  • Highly processed foods with fillers and preservatives
  • Cold drinks, chips, and raw vegetables

Embarking on your postpartum journey with these nutritional guidelines in mind can significantly aid in your recovery and overall well-being. And remember, you just created a human. Treat yourself to postpartum meal delivery (or add it to your registry!) and take a load off.

Good luck, mama! You’ve got this.

Graphic which features multiple meals that Mama Meals offers and says: "Postpartum Meal Delivery. Gluten-Free, Organic, Nourishing. After giving birth, a body must replenish lost nutrients, produce breast milk, and literally heal the physical trauma of birth. Mama Meals are designed to help. Learn more."

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