Introducing the Higher Self Habits Series!

Unveiling the Higher Self Habits Method: A Journey to Transformation

Alessia Citro records a podcast episode for the Higher Self Habits Series in sequins.
Sharing content so impactful in this series, that it requires sequins!

Welcome to a new series on the inhabit podcast, beginning with episode 114, where I unveil the Higher Self Habits Method. This method isn’t just a concept; it’s a proven pathway to personal revolution. It’s the very essence of the transformation I experienced, and now, I’m witnessing its power with my coaching clients. As I prepare to share this wisdom in my upcoming book, I invite you to embark on this journey through a multi-part series, starting with today’s episode.

The Genesis of My Transformation

Before delving into the method, let’s take a moment to understand its origins. Life before COVID-19 was comfortable for me, with a thriving career in tech and a growing side business. However, the pandemic’s professional challenges forced me to reevaluate my path. This period of upheaval, though fraught with uncertainty, illuminated a new direction for me. It propelled me from a corporate climber to an entrepreneur fueled by passion and purpose. The loss of my corporate identity and the challenges of starting a business amidst personal struggles led me to a pivotal realization: the power of healthy habits.

The Light Bulb Moment

The transformation began when I decided to embrace stability and harmony through healthy habits. This shift wasn’t just about quitting drinking or losing weight; it was about becoming a better version of myself – more patient, compassionate, and present. The introduction of simple, healthy habits created a newfound spaciousness in my life, allowing me to achieve more with less effort and truly align with my purpose.

Introducing the Higher Self Habits Series

The Higher Self Habits series is designed to guide you through the same transformative process. Here’s what to expect in the upcoming parts of the series:

  1. Awareness: Identifying the problems and acknowledging their existence.
  2. Alignment: Clarifying your aspirations and intentions.
  3. Audit: Evaluating your life to understand what needs to change.
  4. Activate: Implementing the changes to start seeing results.
  5. Ascend: Experiencing growth and unlocking new levels of your potential.

Action Items to Kickstart Your Journey

To begin, I encourage you to reflect on the following questions. These prompts are designed to initiate introspection and set the stage for the transformation ahead:

  • What current obstacle is blocking your path?
  • How would overcoming this obstacle impact you and those around you?
  • Identify the excuses and stories that keep you stagnant.
  • Envision the beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors you wish to eliminate.
  • Who are you meant to be, and what does your best life look like?
  • Why are these aspirations important to you?
  • Acknowledge the elements of your life that aren’t serving your highest good.
  • Celebrate what’s going well and identify your strengths.
  • Contemplate what’s holding you back from taking action.
  • Break down a daunting task or project into manageable steps.
  • If you could instantly embody the aspirational version of yourself, what actions would you take?

For a more interactive experience, visit to download a beautifully designed PDF of these questions.

Embarking on a Path of Self-Discovery

As we journey through the Higher Self Habits series, I invite you to share this experience with friends who are also looking to transform their habits. Together, let’s explore how healthy habits can not only change individual lives but also have a ripple effect on the world.

Join me next week as we dive deeper into the Higher Self Habits Method and take another step towards becoming the best versions of ourselves.

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Full Transcript:

Hello my friends! This episode is the first of a multi-part series where I share the Higher Self Habits Method. This is the same method I used to create massive transformation in my own life. I didn’t have a name for it at the time, but I’m seeing it work with coaching clients as well, and it’s what I also share in my book that will coming out in the next couple of months!

Today I’m going to give you an overview and some action items so you can get started right away.

Let’s level-set really quick. And I might as well tell you how and why I fell into habits coaching.


If things are good or going okay, it’s super easy to get complacent with the status quo. That’s where I was at! Until COVID, I had a dream career in tech, things were going well at home, I had a side business that was exciting and growing fast. And if it hadn’t been for the professional fallout I experienced in the pandemic, I’d probably still be a corporate climber and feeling good enough about my life that I wouldn’t make changes.

But, that’s not how the story went, and I’m grateful, because even now while I’m building and really in the thick of the difficult start-up period, I’ve never felt more lit up and happy about what I’m doing, and more importantly, who I’m BEING while I do it.

There I was in 2020- the identity of being a top performer and corporate sales badass gets stripped away for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which was having no childcare. I’ve been on a boom and bust cycle to some degree my whole life, probably because my ADHD brain jumps around, and because I thrived on the excitement and drama that this variety and results roller coaster provided. At the time, I had a booming wine business at the time because, duh, COVID. And I’m drinking a bottle a night, sometimes more to numb out and escape. Then I tried starting my first business and ended up killing it (like, sending it to an early grave, not crushing it) because it wasn’t an immediate success and because I had brought so much toxic corporate hustle bullshit into it, too, that it wasn’t sustainable….

Habits are the Answer

Finally, the light bulb goes on after following crumbs the universe kept dropping for me. It was time to grow up and level up. Time to create stability. Homeostasis. To be living on a harmonious even-keel. And how do you do that? With healthy habits.

Since then, I’ve quit drinking. Lost and kept off weight. Gotten stronger. Gotten immeasurably happier. Become a generally better person – more patient, more humble, more compassionate. Home life is so much better than it was and just flows smoothly most of the time. I’m way more present too. And the part that maybe fires me up the most is that implementing simple habits has created this spaciousness in my life. I’m able to accomplish way more with less effort. I feel so in my purpose. I know I’m doing meaningful work from a place of love, and that it matters. And I want this for EVERYONE! Seriously, how much better would the world be if we could all just become even a little more patient, compassionate, and in our purpose?

And look, I’ve still got lots of shit that isn’t pretty… I raise my voice; I neglect self-care more than I’d like to admit; I lose my patience. But, the shift is happening, and becoming better than I was before feels GOOD. You can do it too!

So, back to the Higher Self Habits series and what you can expect.

Parts of the Series

There will be five parts to this series that follow, and they are:

Awareness: because we can’t solve a problem we can’t name or don’t know exists.

Alignment: we must know what our aspiration, objective, or desired outcome is. This is also the stage where we get really intentional and vision cast. Getting clear on WHY any of this matters also happens in this stage.

Audit: I apologize if this title makes you think of the IRS and I promise it’s less painful than it sounds. This is the stage where we take inventory of our life. You’re going to run through a typical day and analyze what you need to stop, start, and continue. And I’ll show you how to do it without getting overwhelmed.

Activate: This is where we put it into action and begin stopping or starting the behaviors that will give you the biggest return on your investment of effort. When we get to this part of the series, I’ll teach you high-level behavior design and you won’t believe how simple it is.

Ascend: this is the stage where we begin our UPWARD spiral. This is where you’re seeing your capacity expanded, your confidence growing, and you’re unlocking new levels of you. And then, the process starts again as we become aware of new horizons.

Action Items

Here are the action items I have for you. And if you’re driving, listen and revisit this when you get where you’re going and you have some quiet time to write down the answers to these. They’ll be in the show notes too.

What is a current obstacle in your way?

If you could overcome this obstacle and get out of your own way, what problems would that solve for you and the people you care about?

What are the excuses and stories you tell yourself that are keeping you where you’re at?

If you had a magic wand, what beliefs, thoughts, emotions and behaviors would you send packing?

In your mind’s eye, who are you meant to be?

What would life look like if you’re at your best?

Why do any of the above answers matter to you?

What are elements in your life that you know aren’t serving you or the greatest good?

Where in your life are you on point with right now?

What’s going really well for you?

What keeps you from taking action?

How can you break down a task or project you’ve been avoiding into really tiny parts?

Of those, what could you start with right now?

If you could snap your fingers and level up into the aspirational version of you that you have in your mind, what would you be doing?

Free Resource

You can also go to the link in the show notes which is and get all these questions in a pretty PDF you can download, print and fill in.

Caring and Sharing

Giving you a big virtual hug and lots of love as you embark on this initial introspection.

If you have a friend who is wanting to dial in their habits, will you share this episode with them and encourage them to follow along on the series? I appreciate you helping me get the word out. Healthy habits can change the world!

See you back next week!

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