Higher Self Habits Series | Part 5: Ascend & Amplify

Strap in, babe. We’re leveling up.

Ascend and Amplify: Unleashing Your Higher Self Habits

On inhabit with Alessia Citro, listeners are guided through a transformative process to unlock the potential of their higher selves. In the final installment of the Higher Self Habits series, Alessia dives deep into the importance of “Ascend and Amplify,” the ultimate phase that helps listeners embrace their best selves while celebrating their growth. Here’s a quick overview of the inspiring episode:

Ascend: Celebrating Progress

Alessia stresses that in this phase, acknowledging how far you’ve come is crucial. From the initial phase of “Awareness” to the final “Ascend,” she encourages measuring progress based on personal growth rather than the distance to the ever-moving goalposts. Recognizing your evolution helps solidify these new habits.

Amplify: Creating an Upward Spiral

As you ascend to the next level of yourself, you radiate a positive energy that inspires others. Alessia believes that by embodying this energy and amplifying it outward, we can heal the world. This approach turns negative spirals into positive ones and encourages listeners to be the best version of themselves.

A Personal Transformation Story

Alessia shares a personal anecdote about a stressful holiday dog-boarding situation that would have rattled her a year ago but today is something she handles calmly. Her reflection shows how transformative these habits can be in real-life situations.

Believing in the Best Version of Yourself

With inspiration drawn from the universe’s fine-tuned precision, Alessia affirms that each of us is capable of reaching the highest potential. By shifting perception and operating from a place of love, peace, and acceptance, listeners can shape the reality they desire and step into their greatness.

Ready to Transform?

If you’re ready to step into your best self, Alessia’s book Higher Self Habits launches on June 13, 2024. Preorders are available, and more information can be found at alessiacitro.com/book. Plus, the 90-day program is being relaunched to help you break through your limiting beliefs.

Connect with Alessia on Instagram and her website to keep the journey going and learn how to unlock your full potential.

Listen to the full episode on Apple or on Spotify.

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